We start back a bit earlier after the summer and there are loads of last minute alterations

Having finished the last season much later than usual, with Edinburgh Previews running as late as early August, we also started this season earlier than usual, edging back into September. I notice from the riot of scribbling and scrawling over my copies of the leaflets for this season that we had a lot of last minute alterations to the bills. Five of the first six shows had to have one or both acts replaced between the leaflet going to press and the actual show. It's a testament to Roger Monkhouse's skills as the club's booker that we managed to get last minute replacements and never had to cancel a show.

At this point we used to get our publicity printed by a lovely little company called Tradeprint, run by a lovely old Sheffield lady called Rita who enjoyed ballroom dancing in her spare time. Not only were they quick and cheap, but it was a proper old fashioned business, with a cat asleep on a dusty armchair in the front office.


Thursday 28 September: Anthony King & Kevin Seisay

Thursday 5 October: Milton Jones & Owen O'Neill

Thursday 12 October: Mark Maier & Alan Francis

Thursday 19 October: Junior Simpson & Martin Davis

Thursday 26 October: Earl Okin & Sir Bernard Chumley

Thursday 2 November: Noel James & Kevin Gildea

Thursday 9 November: Parrot & Dylan Moran

Thursday 16 November: Andre Vincent & Helen Austin 

Thursday 23 November: Mandy Knight & The Amazing Mr Smith         

Thursday 30 November: Andy Parsons & Ed Byrne       

Thursday 7 December: Ivor Dembina & Kevin Hayes (guest compère: Danny Brown)

Thursday 14 December: Nick Wilty & Dan Evans