The Last Laugh comes under the sole control of Simon Evans, but I continue to compère

After the end of the first season, there was a big bust up. As far as I can remember it, this happened because Simon told us that there was no profit from the club to come to us. We weren't happy about it, because one of the reasons there was no profit was that money that the club was earning was being pumped into a little magazine that Flying Carpet Productions put out called Punter's News. Simon's argument was that this was sent out to their mailing list and this was a vital part of the marketing of the club. Roger was particularly annoyed about this and said that money could be spent more effectively on other forms of advertising. We had a tetchy meeting with Simon which ended with Roger and me walking out.


Simon talked me into coming back as the compère, although his company was now running the club without our input. I seem to remember that Roger was pissed off that I went back to work for Simon as a compère for the club, and took it as a bit of a personal slight. My position was that I needed the money and I needed the experience. We patched it up pretty quickly.


The acts Simon booked into the club were much more of a mixed bag than the ones Roger had been programming. There were some classics, but also some dreadful ones. Of particular note was a very young Ross Noble, who was only 16 years old at the time (although I didn't find that out until much later) and doing a comedy act with juggling in it. Also, there's one show where I'm not entirely sure what happened. One of the acts was billed as 'Olly's Nasty Surprise'. I imagine that Simon hadn't booked one of the acts for that week at the time the leaflet went to print and just put any old thing in, although it may have been that I did my full twenty minute act that night - I just can't remember.


Also, the gig on 22 April took place on my birthday. Loads of people bought me drinks, and after the show I was drunk and hiccupping uncontrollably. The pub manager, Tim, had a girlfriend called Laura, who gave me a hiccup remedy on a teaspoon without telling me what it was. It turns out it was vinegar mixed with sugar and it instantly got rid of my hiccups. That night, we were putting Nick Wilty up at my girlfriend Jacqui's house. By the time we got there, the alcohol and the hiccup remedy were churning up nicely in my stomach and while Jacqui made polite chit chat with Nick, I disappeared upstairs and vomited into her bath. Ah, golden memories.


Also, the penultimate show of the season was cancelled. I imagine that one or both of the acts pulled out at the last minute (Rhona Cameron & Phil Davey were supposed to be on that night), but it was the only time in the period I was running or compèring the club that we had to cancel a show.


Here are the acts that played the spring season of 1993:


Thursday 7 January: Rhona Cameron (billed as Rhona Campbell) & Miles Crawford

Thursday 14 January: Tim Dalling & Pete White

Thursday 21 January: Ronald Arthur Dewhurst & Mary Unfaithful

Thursday 28 January: Rory Motion & Linda Miles

Thursday 4 February: Tony Mendoza & Ross Noble

Thursday 11 February: Dickie Bean & Steve Best

Thursday 18 February: Paul Vallis & Kevin Hayes

Thursday 25 February: Chris Wright & Danny Brown

Thursday 4 March: Dolly Dupree & Half-Human Video Show

Thursday 11 March: Mike Hancock & Steve Cole

Thursday 18 March: Keith Dover & Andy Linden (guest compère: Pete White)

Thursday 25 March: Martin Davis & Ian Keable

Thursday 1 April: The Big Fun Club & John Hodge

Thursday 8 April: Marc Blake & Julie Balloo

Thursday 15 April: Tony Allen & Ollie's Nasty Surprise

Thursday 22 April: Kevin Seisay & Nick Wilty

Thursday 29 April: Paul Rogan & Andy Parsons

Thursday 6 May: Stephen Melville & Vladimir McTavish (guest compère: bloke from the Big Fun Club)

Thursday 13 May: Geoff Boyz & Paul Vallis

Thursday 20 May: Neville Raven & Mike Parkin

Thursday 27 May: Steve Best & Jo Enright

Thursday 3 June: Alan Francis & Charmian Hughes

Thursday 10 June: CANCELLED

Thursday 17 June: Linda Miles & Helen Austin