Here's what you need to know about my hilarious stand-up DVD about, er, diabetes.


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'A tender and uplifting monologue that's surprisingly funny.' -William Cook, The Guardian

'Funny, charming, touching.' -Arthur Smith, Balance magazine

'Seriously funny' -Linkup magazine

'Very funny' -What's On

'Olly's stand-up routine removes a lot of ignorance surrounding diabetes, it raises awareness of the symptoms to look out for and helps open peoples eyes to what it is like to cope with daily life with diabetes; oh, and it also makes you laugh - a brilliant combination and highly recommended viewing.' -Kent Diabetes Info

Letters, emails and Facebook messages from people who have enjoyed the DVD:

'I could relate to many of the stories, showed me there are things to laugh about with diabetes, made me feel less alone..someone else there "gets it".'

'It was really positive and good to have a way to look at aspects of diabetes that was fun,engaging, personal and non-threatening.  There is so much information out there that can depress you and overwhelm you with a feeling of hopelessness. To have a video that allowed you to laugh (and cry), understand more about this vile condition and know that you were not alone was brilliant.'

'Friends and family without first hand experience of diabetes can very rarely see the funny side and tend to come over all concerned when we joke about hypos, etc. I sometimes even feel a little bit judged as though I shouldn't joke about a medical condition. Watching Saint Pancreas allowed us to have a good laugh with someone who truly understood what living with diabetes is really like. It was very cathartic but also made us feel that we were a part of something with other families. Instead of feeling that our family life was different and we had to avoid talking about diabetes too much, we felt more normal.'

'My sons have enjoyed the DVD. My youngest was diagnosed with diabetes 18 months ago, he is now 10, and was thoroughly entertained.'

'My son has been diabetic since he was 10 (he's off to uni this year so is quite big now) so we could relate to a lot of what you said...I'm sure finding humour in these situations helps to release the tension.'

'I recently found your comedy DVD 'Saint Pancreas' on the shelf...and popped it straight in the DVD player...I wanted to say that your comedy show is one of the funniest things I have ever seen - and I (though only 18) am a comedy veteran. I think you are not only hysterically funny, with the most amazing and yet natural talent for stand-up comedy, but your ability to capture the finer points of type 1 diabetes and then turn them into humorous anecdotes is just incredible. Especially because you somehow manage to weave an air of seriousness into your entire show. Just amazing!...I would be flabbergasted if anybody in the world could watch your show and not be touched by the material -as well as get a good few giggles out of it.'


The DVD as seen on the cover of Diabetes UK's magazine, LINKUP: